Focus on long-term success for your team

We’re all in the business of growing humans, not just athletes.

Sports are about so much more than winning, so shouldn’t your culture reflect that? We think so! And we’re not alone.

Coaches and athletic directors at every level believe in one main thing: building a successful, sustainable program is their #1 priority. So, we built a platform to support that.

What People are Saying

Focus allowed us as a coaching staff to be more intentional.

Jeff Rutter, Assistant Coach, Miami University Men’s Basketball

It was a great way to see if we were playing the way we should be playing. It helped the team by examining the quality of our games and allowed us to learn from our mistakes. It is a unique way to track effort, which in my opinion is the most important part of competitiveness.

High School Baseball Player

As an athletic director, I love when I watch players give everything they’ve got, and I love when I watch a coach build courage by encouraging great effort. Now, Focus gives us an opportunity for a coach to be able to measure that hustle and see the heart of the player in the unseen, little, behind-the-scenes things.

Mike Ellson, Athletic Director, Christian Presbyterian Academy

What Your Program can Expect from Using Focus

Intentional Coaching

Define specifically what it means to hustle on your team, and use the analytics Focus provides to see trends and individually coach your players.

Student-Athletes who self-correct and hold each other accountable

Focus provides transparency among all members of the team and coaching staff, which pushes players to self-correct and coach each other up to reach the top of the leaderboard.

Coach-Athlete relationships that prioritize growth outside of athletics

Athletes have Personal Focus activities that help them feel personally fulfilled, and Focus holds the coaching staff accountable to meeting with their athletes, checking in on their mental health, and providing mentorship. 

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