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A new kind of coaching & teaching tool.

Focus on long-term success

  • Measure hustle — concentration and effort
  • Build a culture of accountability
  • Develop your student-athletes into better people

As an athletic director, I love when I watch players give everything they’ve got, and I love when I watch a coach build courage by encouraging great effort. Now, Focus gives us an opportunity for a coach to be able to measure that hustle and see the heart of the player in the unseen, little, behind-the-scenes things.

Mike Ellson, Athletic Director, Christian Presbyterian Academy

Thank you again to both of you for all you do to help athletic directors and coaches to build a culture that our student-athletes can implement daily!

Patrick Miller, Athletic Director, Northeast Middle School

We’ve done our research.

Through interviews and surveys with championship-level coaches, we’ve learned exactly what coaches want in order to build long-term success within their program. This 3 min video shares it all!

We have loved using the Focus app this season to track and chart the small details that make our system effective. We are able to teach and present data on controllable actions that directly contribute to our offensive and defensive consistency and success. We have already seen incremental improvements individually and as a team!

Carly Thibault, Women’s Basketball, University of Minnesota

Focus has been very beneficial and a great addition for our program to track numbers, track performance, and give our players hard evidence to accompany film to help us grow collectively. We are in a data driven game and the more data a team can have to track progress, aids in the development and growth of a program. Focus is a fun, interactive way for our kids and staff to be on the same page and to hold each other accountable by the numbers.

Van Green, Men’s Basketball, Rice University

The Coach & The Geek: Building a Kick-Butt Culture

This fictional story, written for leaders of all industries, follows the challenges of a college basketball coach about to lose his job. The team has talent, but the culture is trapped in a history of failure, negativity, and blame. Through fate, he meets a senior software manager (aka Coach Geek), and their unlikely partnership develops new approaches which change their team, their season, and their lives.

“Whether you are a team member, manager of a department, coach or senior management this book by Mark Adams, the coach and Jeff Van Fleet, the geek, offers a winning strategy for successful team building as well as insight into the process on how to reach new levels of success.”

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