Why you need Focus when you’re Losing

As coaches and leaders, how do we sustain our team’s hope and energy in times of struggle and defeat? Unfortunately, this is easier said than done as making a mistake and/or losing a game often results in discouraged athletes, which in turn, creates a cycle of negative attitudes, behaviors and losses.

So, how do we guide our athletes through these obstacles in a way that will help them become not only better athletes, but better humans?

The customizable Hustle Stats within our Focus app allow athletes to focus on behaviors they can control, rather than outcomes they cannot. This provides athletes with attainable goals they can accomplish and celebrate each game whether they win or lose. Furthermore, the Focus app gives every single member of a team the chance to succeed despite their individual talent, skill-level and/or playing time.

The Focus app emphasizes processes over outcomes which prevents athletes from placing too much importance on winning. Therefore, teams that use Focus are less likely to fall into repetitive cycles of negative attitudes, behaviors and losses.

In the video below, The Geek shares more on how the Focus app can help your team, especially when they’re losing, and provides four steps you can take to sustain their hope and energy.