Emphasizing Energy Back to Bench with Focus

Picking hustle stats that fit your team’s culture can be challenging, but we’re here to help! One of our favorites is applicable to all sports. In fact, we’ve seen it in teams using Focus for basketball, softball, and even bowling!

It’s all about the energy teammates have who aren’t on the court or field (or lane). The selfless partners of the team who ride the bench and support the rest of the athletes. Focus measures enthusiasm!  

Recently, we’ve noticed coaches are enamored with their team culture. They’re placing emphasis on more than what’s happening on the court – they want to see a strong, positive culture on the bench as well. Focus holds your team accountable to bringing positive energy to support the on-court teammates. It also holds your athletes accountable to their reactions when they’re coming off the field or court. Maybe they just missed a shot or struck out – how are they affecting the energy as they come back to the rest of their team?

Hear more from The Coach on this topic as he challenges every coach to focus on building your Culture of We by leveraging the right behaviors on your bench to support your entire team.